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Curbside Marketplace is a platform to connect people and local businesses for contact-free pick-up purchases. It was created for businesses, non-profits and events that typically don’t operate online, so that they have a way to continue operating safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each marketplace is an individual website which is based on the platform, but which can be customized and branded appropriately for its audience.

While we facilitate purchases where people physically pick up goods, the marketplaces are for essential goods and services. We remind all marketplace participants to follow CDC and local guidelines for safe pick-ups. Customers who are ill should not pick up orders until it is safe to do so. Sellers should maintain sanitized conditions and should not take or fulfill orders if someone in sound health isn’t available.

Sellers on Curbside marketplaces are vetted for legitimacy, including verification of applicable licenses for regulated industries. Of course, local customers will already know or have a good sense of their local sellers.

How it Works

For Sellers

Sellers can set up their profile, products and process information on their own, and will connect a new or existing Stripe account to receive payments. We’ll help when needed!

As orders come in, payments are collected by the platform and sellers fulfill their orders.

Deposits will be made to sellers’ Stripe accounts twice per week for all orders to date whose payments have cleared.

For Customers

Customers find a seller from which to purchase, and build up their orders using a simple process akin to choosing items from a menu.

Orders are placed through a traditional shopping cart where users can pay by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

When sellers notify a customer their order is ready, the customer also receives customized pickup instructions and available hours set by the seller.

For Marketplace Operators

If you run an organization or event which could use its own marketplace website, we can build, host and support one for you.

Setup costs may vary depending on the extent of customization or branding required.

In consideration of the pandemic, at this time we are waiving any monthly hosting & support costs, as well as setup costs for websites which use the native platform and branding.

Features for Sellers

Control The Process

Customize the information shown and sent to customers for the pickup process such as where to park, if they should call you upon arrival, etc.

Set your operating hours and same-day pickup cutoff times, which will inform customers when they can next pick up their order, and will automatically be included in customer communication.

Set a default tip percentage for your customers if you accept tips.

Set inventory levels and get out-of-stock alerts. Out of stock items can’t be ordered.

Limit the quantity of an item per order. Sell one-of-a-kind items easily.

Pause online ordering by flipping a switch if you need to.

Finance Features & Cost

Use state-based sales tax rates if you want to add tax on top of your prices and have line items in your orders. Or, treat your pricing as having tax built in.

No setup, monthly, or support costs. The only cost is a percentage of transactions deducted from payouts, which covers all payment processing fees as well as the platform’s operating costs.

Payouts twice per week, which reduces payment processing fees. View online reports of your payouts with lines for included orders and service fees.

Reports for sales, inventory, taxes and tips.

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